We are an online retail company that focuses on young and emerging designers across the world. We choose very carefully the brands we work with to ensure high quality items for the best prices possible.

 We’re currently working with eleven designers: MEDM, PRBLMS, UMAMIISM, REDCHARCOALMRGS, CHRROTAGARBAGE , *EVAE+ , B.X, PUK, GAGNONLEE

MEDM likes expressing the idea of Love and plays with embroidery inspired by nature like flowers, butterflies, roses and more.

PRBLMS draws inspiration from Sneaker culture/ lifestyle and street style, in fact the designer himself is a big New Balance collector.

UMAMIISM was only doing t-shirts and embracing the work of independent photographers and musicians when they first started. Later on they started doing a small collection with sustainability in mind. Whenever they’re working on a new collection and developing new fabrics  environment protection always comes first.
REDCHARCOAL was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who share the same interests in art and pop culture. Redcharcoal is inspired by pop culture and streetwear.

MRGS is very inspired by punk aesthetic and rock bands from 1970's

CHRROTA is always trying to push the idea of genderless when it comes to developing a new collection that’s why you see more female models in his collection and the designer is very interested in baggy clothes.

GARBAGE draws their inspiration from movies, vintage pieces and plays with garment deconstruction.

*EVAE+ was founded by DrakSun.
The collective covers everything from music, clothing, videography, comics and graffiti, they are also an art and event planning team with advanced awareness and aesthetics. The group consists of mainly 8 members coming from different paths of life coming together to execute collective creative ideas and continue expanding.
* EVAE + stands for Explore / Exploration, Value Analysis, Extend/ Extension, and the "+"  sign represents no limitations and no restrictions. The "+" symbol represents joining, integration, as they are exploring, expanding, absorbing, conquering as the name suggests.
B.X draws inspiration from street style and vintage pieces to create new and refreshing collections.
  • We're based in Shanghai, China and it's very important for us to be very transparent with our customers.
  • We ship all orders with express shipping companies like Fedex, TNT, DHL and UPS to ensure y'all receive your orders fast. 
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